Oliver Päßler


 TV Feature ǀ 30 min ǀ 2011 ǀ TV ZDF Neo ǀ Production Propellerfilm ǀ Director & Producer Oliver Päßler | Camera Sven Müller | Editing Thomas Wedekind

There are numerous daily reports about assassination. However, we still do not know much about the background of these crimes. Featuring Christoph Bauer, this film tries to find some explanation, getting insider information from secret service officers and some of the victims. Media specialists like Manfred Schneider offer new perspectives by examining assassins under the influence of the media. Christoph Reuter, an experienced Islam expert throws light on the motives of suicide assassins. Ex-Mossad general Ephraim Lapid, one of the most influential experts in Israeli security policy, tells about Israel’s fight against assassination.

Asian martial arts and shooting exercises make Christoph Bauer sweat. His coaches: Gerhard E. Hermanski, Hapkido Großmeister and Bernd Pokojewsky, former SEK chief trainer and officer in charge. Stefan Bisanz, a renowned expert for personal security in Germany provides insight into its tactics. But even a personal bodyguard could not have protected Michael Esper and his family. In 2002 they became victims of assassination in Djerba. At the very last moment the entrepreneur succeeded in rescuing his badly injured son from the burning synagogue.

Bodyguard Training

Djerba Assassination

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