Oliver Päßler

Oliver Päßler is a director, journalist and producer. He began his film and TV career after following studies in medicine, philosophy and literature at Cologne and Berlin universities, graduating with a M.A. in aesthetics and media philosophy. He attended the Academy of Arts in Berlin, acquiring further knowledge about the art of documentaries at seminars by Andreas Veiel.

He was presented with the Heureka Award for scientific journalism in 2002 for his ARTE-report Heart of Titanium. In 2005 he scripted and directed Street Number One, a comprehensive feature documentary presented as a TV-play ´Das kleine Fernsehspiel – ZDF. He writes professional articles for art and nonfiction magazines and produces trailers, cultural and scientific reports for TV. He provides development and direction for series and features and advertising commercial services.  

Oliver Päßler specialises in corporate films that emphasize visual and emotional storytelling for high quality contents. He has work experience with presenters and actors, with coaching formats, shooting in industry and the studio. One example: a series of portraits of exceptional scientists for the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. This project combines various aspects of his filming. Further films for: Senate of Berlin, BGETEM, European Union, GDF Suez, Lidl Foundation & Co KG, rhenag Rheinische Energie AG, Siemens AG etc. Films about scientific research can currently be found at Filming Science